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About us

Sunpower Special Steel Company Limited is a company registered in Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

Sunpower, specialized in the supply of special steels, connects dozens of top quality steel factories with manufacturers of equipment, as well as their consumables and their spare parts, for geological exploration, mining production and other industrial sectors, like fortification of galleries and tunnels in underground mining and building construction.

With more than 12 demonstrable years of experience in the steel industry, a strong and efficient relationship with state-owned and private steel factories located in China, and an unconditional dedication to the satisfaction of our customers, we promise you the best purchasing experience.

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Our team

includes senior mechanical engineers, experienced quality inspectors, international trade technicians and purchasing specialists, all of them with a strong customer orientation. We speak English, Spanish and Chinese.

Seamless tubes

Hot-rolled seamless tubes, optionally cold-finished, produced in several steel grades like AISI 4130 (30CrMo), AISI 4140 (42CrMo) and St52.3 (Q345B), delivered simply as-rolled or heat-treated (normalized, quenched and tempered or stress relieved, depending on the usage), manufactured and certified in concordance with the typical international standards and meeting our customer's or our own technical specifications, depending on the required quality and accuracy level for each special need.
As a secondary straightening process, in order to reach higher straightness requirements, semi-automatic or manually controlled hydraulic press straightening machine is applied.

Cold finishing

Through cold-finishing (cold-rolling or cold-drawing), high accuracy tubes are obtained, for the most demanding applications or for meeting special sizing within shorter delivery time. Normalizing or stress-relief for residual stress reduction could be needed.

Hollow bars

Hollow bars, optionally rough turned, produced in several steel grades like AISI 4140 (42CrMo), AISI 4145H MOD, AISI 4340 (40CrNiMo), starting from hot-rolled round solid bars or from forged round solid bars, delivered typically as quenched and tempered, manufactured and quality controlled as per our customer's or our own technical specifications, including visual inspection, dimensional inspection and ultrasonic testing (UT), as well as the required destructive testing (DT).


As per customer's needs, we offer machining, mainly turning, as an improvement of the total processing time of the final goods to be manufactured, plus less waste of material, meaning a reduction of total production cost.

Quality certification

- Visual inspection.
- Dimensional inspection.
- Non-destructive testing, like ultrasonic testing (UT) and liquid penetrant inspection (LPI).
- Destructive testing, like chemical composition analysis, tensile test, Charpy V-notch impact test, metallography analysis (grain size and microstructure determination) and hardness testing.

Our promise

We know that quality is first, so we put special attention on it. As part of our customers' satisfaction program, zero defects and disconformities is our goal.
In case we face a quality claim, our promise is to initiate an investigation within 24 hours in order to give you a reasonable reply with solutions proposal.

Sea freight and insurance

Depending on the required incoterms, we offer sea transportation in the form of full container loading (FCL) or less than container loading (LCL), as well as the insurance for the cargo. We welcome you to quote different options with us, so you can compare and then decide the best one.

Friendly advice

We will always try our best to find the best and fastest ways to deliver to you, but sometimes the conditions just don't allow us to do as we wanted. We warmly welcome you to work together in order to avoid any possibility of delay or failure.

Contact us

We welcome you to share your inquiries, needs or doubts here.

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